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At Sakaba, our vision is to create innovative new products that maximise on customer satisfaction and distributor efficiency. 

We are an innovation platform using the latest technology and self-service machines in the beverage, and shortly, food industry worldwide. 

Sakaba's solutions in IoT product distribution are a game-changer for customers and businesses. We are committed to service optimisation solutions, combining technology and self-serve machines in order to reduce cost of service and delivery, improving productivity and efficiency of sales all whilst maintaining the highest product quality and hygiene on offer.


Marrying together advanced, real-time analytics, sophisticated machinery and top-quality products, Sakaba will cut down unnecessary fuss and maximise on customer satisfaction. 

Transforming digital purchasing by using the most advanced software, enhancing customer experience whilst delivering real-time data to suppliers.


For more information on our dispensers, please download our information pack below.

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